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    Rules & guidelines [READ BEFORE POSTING]


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    Rules & guidelines [READ BEFORE POSTING] Empty Rules & guidelines [READ BEFORE POSTING]

    Post  Blacksmith Sun Dec 19, 2010 9:49 pm

    Rules of Arania

    In order to participate in discussions and use arania-server's services, it is required that you register as a member. You register by filling out a simple form and then confirm the membership via email. Before you join, you must read, understand and accept the following rules:

    § 1 Comfort
    In order to hold discussions on a friendly and constructive level, all members should follow the ethical rules that apply on the Internet, but also in everyday life.
    § 1.1 Be nice and respect others.
    § 1.2 Statements that are offensive are prohibited.
    § 1.3 Personal matters, private discussions and similar matters are not allowed in the forums, instead, use the forum's private messaging feature.
    § 1.4 It is not allowed to distribute links relating pornography in the forums.
    § 1.5 Trolling is prohibited.
    § 1.6 Pointless posts are prohibited, for example, first.

    § 2 Before writing
    In order to prevent that the same questions and discussions are repeated over and over
    § 2.1 Read the sticky posts in each of the sub-forums before asking questions.
    § 2.2 Use the search function. Your question may already have been addressed and answered.

    § 3 When writing
    § 3.1 Thread titles should clearly state what the thread is about.
    § 3.2 Topics are to be placed in the appropriate sub-forum that best suits the subject.
    § 3.3 It is not allowed to create multiple threads on the same subject, either in the same or diffrent sub-forum. If a moderator has locked a thread, it is not allowed to create a new thread on the same topic.

    § 4 Bumpning
    It is not allowed to write posts that are only for boosting the thread further up in the listing.

    § 5 Inappropriate posts
    Members have the opportunity to report suspected violations by clicking on the "!" in the bottom of the post. Feel free to use this feature, but do not inform about it in the thread. Comments such as "reported" will also be removed. However if this does happen, it is not allowed to complain about the notifier.

    § 6 Signatures and avatars
    § 6.1 Avatars may not be animated and may not look like something that could be considered as offensive.
    § 6.2 Signatures may, with a 1280 pixel wide browser window, be a maximum of five lines long. Empty or partially used lines counted will be counted as full lines.
    § 6.3 Avatars and signatures are considered to be personal. Do not use any other user's signature or avatar without permission.

    § 7 Piracy
    It is not allowed to distribute links relating to pirated material. Nor is it permissible to discuss how to circumvent copy protection, or illegally copying copyrighted material.
    Although it may be legal to make private copies in the country of your residance, discussions about this forbidden. International laws are difficult to interpret and changing, and since the forum moderators are not lawyers who can assess each case, all the discussions of this kind are prohibited.

    § 8 Crime
    It is not allowed to encourage someone to commit a crime or to spread incitements to criminal acts.

    § 9 Marketing and sales
    The Forum may not be used to create or distribute marketing for their own activities.

    § 10 Users
    User accounts are personal and may not be sold or transferred. An individual may not register more than one user account and it is not allowed to register a new one if the old is suspended.

    § 11 Comments on moderation
    If you have comments on individual cases, you should first contact the moderator who dealt with the matter. Do not create a thread on the forum. Moderators should be contacted via PM.
    To ease the work of the moderator, you can report violations by clicking on the "!" in the bottom of the post. It is also possible to use the feature to get help from the moderators for example if you accidentally spell the title of your thread wrong or accidentally placed it in the wrong sub-forum.

    § 12 Violations
    Violation of forum rules will lead to suspension or a warning (depending on the nature of the violation). We reserve the right to lock or delete threads and posts that break the rules. In serious offenses, we make a notification to the user's ISP and / or legal actions. We reserve the right to reveal the user's identity (and any other information we have about the user) if we deem it appropriate.

    § 13 Privacy
    SweClockers store visitors' IP addresses. The information is not available to the public but can be used to investigate and monitor potential abuses of the forum.

    § 14 Disclaimer
    All threads, topics and posts in forum that are made are the writer's opinion and neither arania-server or its moderators can be held responsible for the content. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions.

    Arania Team

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