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Forum of Arania Server.

    Welcome Newcomers! [ READ ]


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    Welcome Newcomers! [ READ ] Empty Welcome Newcomers! [ READ ]

    Post  Runkpapper Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:57 am

    Welcome to the forum of Arania Minecraft Server!

    Here you will find vital information about our server.
    Such as News,Changelogs & Announcements.
    You can also request whitelist so you then can create your own nation and town. And make war towards each others.

    Please register if you want to be able to post threads, see more sections and be part of this Awsum community.

    Server IP:

    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Teamspeak 3 Server:

    IP :
    Port : 10044

    Default Commands:

    /ch : Change chat channel, for example. You will start in Local chat ( L ) to change to global chat, type /ch G
    /chlist : Lists the current chat channels.
    /help : Too see a list of commands.
    /sethome : Sets a home location, type /home to return to that location.
    /compass : Shows the direction.
    /playerlist : Lists the current players.
    /msg : Send a private message.

    Red = IP BAN
    Orange = Kick / Warning - 3 Warnings will result in BAN.

    Red NO Griefing, exploiting, cheating or Hacking in ANY way.
    Red Duplicating.
    Red Racism & Flaming.
    Orange Spamming chat.
    Orange Building obscene or Any offensive, inmature structures. These will get removed asap.
    Orange Spamming or pester to get Mod or Whitelisted.
    Orange Respect your fellow gamers.
    Orange No foul Language.
    Orange Foreign language (Not english) is directed to Foreign channel, type /ch foreign to enter this channel. Here you can talk your own language. Only English in Global!
    Orange Do not advertise other servers.
    Orange Height limit is 25.
    Orange Building 10 yards (blocks) from a player's area.
    Orange Building 5 yards (blocks) from a road.

    Plugin list:

    Towny~ Create Nations,towns and have War ! ( Only Whitelisted users have access to this feat. )
    ChatChannels~ Different chat channels. /ch G (for global) L (for local) and so on.
    Leafdropper~ Remove leafs if all the tree-logs have been cut down.
    Chest Protect~ Protection of chests.
    CuboidPlugin~ This plugin enables protection of areas.
    Achievements~ Complete achievements for something special.

    Stargate~ Create portals, link them togheter and travel between them. Or use the global Portal system & choose from existing portals to travel between. ( Only Whitelisted users have accss to this feat. )
    iConomy~ Economy plugin. Sell stuffs, buy stuffs. Create auctions. Get rich.
    WorldGuard~ Protects from griefing.

    We Arania Team hope to see you online and enjoying your time at our server!

    Arania Team

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