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    Partial server rollback / rank


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    Partial server rollback / rank Empty Partial server rollback / rank

    Post  SnowFire789 Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:05 am

    [begin.rant]So. Your fucking server just did some kind of queer ass fucking roll back, and I lost over three hours of work, 30 stacks of cobble, 4 stacks of iron, 18 stacks of smooth stone, 2 stacks of torches and about 20 diamonds.

    That, and half te mountain that I just spent forever digging out, is back.

    Most of my walls are gone.

    my farm got reset.


    The fuck just happened to the piece of shit you call a server!? >:C [/end.rant]

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    Partial server rollback / rank Empty Re: Partial server rollback / rank

    Post  Magentix Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:23 am

    What he said, only less cursing.

    What happened is:
    - Part of the server rolls back (wilderness didn't, citadel did)
    - Inventories and worn armour is mainly kept, items in chests are rolled back.
    - What was built is rolled back (except for unharmed zones lke parts of wilderness)
    - Lost 6 diamonds (ouch), 14 obsidian and 2 hours of work myself.

    On server reboot, ANOTHER rollback occurred, albeit smaller.
    Funny thing is, I looted my chests to make sure I wouldn't lose more stuff and got the items I had 'safeguarded' duplicated.

    They were both in my chest and in my pockets. However, my chest was, again, partially rolled back. Lost 3x64 coal in that rollback.

    - Server randomly rolls back, sometimes half an hour, sometimes 12 hours.
    - Not entire server, just large zones.
    - Items are either lost or duped.
    - Keyword: very, effing RANDOM

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    Partial server rollback / rank Empty Re: Partial server rollback / rank

    Post  _Angie_ Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:34 pm

    On this forum most rules for the server apply here as well, so using
    the F word is not allowed SnowFire789 and repeating this behaviour
    you will get warned and earn a ban point. I won't give you one
    now cuz I can see that your to upset to act as an adult.

    This is a game that is not finished. Therefore we will have setbacks
    just like all the other servers. Yes our host are repeating mistakes
    and don't seem to understand that they are ruining game time for us.
    Therefore Runkpapper is going to move the server to another host when
    he got the time and finds a better one.

    But to make something clear here: This server is public and don't have
    the requirements most servers have. This is almost as free as one can
    get and still uphold the community without greifers destroying the
    things you all built. This is a game we play on our "free" time and
    not our entire life. Runk paid the host and maintain it on his spare
    time. He is a grown-up with his own life as are we mods. Be gratefull
    this server even exists cuz gods know this is like having a second job
    sometimes. We made this server to play on and have fun not to be
    parents to children.

    Minecraft is not a major company like Blizard that have stable servers
    of their own and already finished game code. This is a java game in
    development. It could crash and die tomorrow by bugs and glitches.

    This is the real life ppl and you know just as much as I, that the
    virtual space is not a ever lasting thing and information will be
    eaten or wither away. If things are lost let is strengthen you as a
    community and work together to re obtain it like Zenthan, BrugerT and
    all the others

    If this is not for you and you rather leave, then leave. We don't get
    paid or anything for the amount of players we have. Try to get
    whitelisted and fulfil the requirements of the bigger servers were the
    mods and admins only play Minecraft and live on donations for a
    living. We on this server is here to "play" and have fun together.
    This ain't our live or serious business and virtual things being lost
    is not the end of the real world or our life. A creeper could just as
    likely blow your sh*t up together with you house and all your hard
    work and belongings. It is what makes the game for me more interesting
    an exiting.

    Lastly I just want to say: It's a shame so many ppl lost thing on the
    rollback. But sh*t happens. We will do our best to find a better
    server host for you players, us mods and admin. Losing stuff is sad
    but life goes on in the virtual world and the real. I just want to
    thank you wonderful players who just shrugged it of like it was
    nothing and kept on having fun together <3

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    Partial server rollback / rank Empty Re: Partial server rollback / rank

    Post  SnowFire789 Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:38 pm


    durka durka. I don't appreciate lecturing, I know damn well what's going on. Doesn't mean I'm going to enjoy it. And there's no rant section, so I posted it under the other applicable category. That's twice I've lost incredible amounts of work, along with entire chests' of resources that I moved. And now you have duped shit all of over the place, which I'm pretty sure was originally against server rules. Send me a PM on the MC forums when this issue is fixed, including the duped items, and I'll come back to restart. In the mean time, I got better things to do then watch about 7 hours of work go down the drain.

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    Partial server rollback / rank Empty Re: Partial server rollback / rank

    Post  SimDagger Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:55 am

    First of all dude remember that this is a beta version of a game and next time you play the game u might wanna look what it says just over the bar you typ the ip of your server etc in...

    Second as we have said in posts here on the forum and in-game when it happened that this is problem occured because of a bug in the auto save function.

    We will roll back the server to cover most of the losses but until that happens if it already havn't you have our sincerest apologies.

    So keep in mind that raging on forums won't help your cause specially when ur raging at a beta game that still needs heavy testing on the multiplayer part ^^

    / SimDagger out

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    Partial server rollback / rank Empty Re: Partial server rollback / rank

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