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Forum of Arania Server.

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    Donating... Empty Donating...

    Post  Runkpapper Fri Dec 31, 2010 1:47 am

    Donations are allways welcome!

    Donations to Arania are not a way for us to get paid. This is to improve Your Gameplay by improving our server.
    Do note that this basic server costs 79.99$ USD monthly to host. IT IZ EXPENZIV :3

    If you want to keep the server alive and at it's finest you can allways donate to our Paypal account.
    This is not a must, this is a gift given to the server. To help the server Upgrade its hardware, and its content.
    We do not demand that you pay to play.
    But! People who donate will have instant Whitelist & be the top players on our server!
    And you will be on the reservelist forever.
    With a Gold name (VIP) instead of a Green name (Whitelist).
    (You can request color)

    And will be listed here, something like a Fame board! =)

    And more...

    Current Donators:
    burgerT - 25$ USD
    sblimit - 20$ USD
    Magentix - 20$ USD
    Sellador - 20$ USD
    Sylent_Buck - 10$ USD
    ThreeDogDisciple - 10$ USD
    LeafyTwig - 5$ USD
    rogueman117 - 5$ USD
    rollthehard6 - 5$ USD
    Cheesewizard06 - 1$ USD

    We thank everyone who have donated so far!

    Click this Link -> Closed

    Type in a message so we can verify that you have donated to us.

    Or, you can pay manually with PayPal:
    Paypal account: Closed
    Choose send money > Personal & choose Gift. And type in how much you want to send us.

    When you have donated this way, you will get Transaction Details. Providing evidence that you have payed us. Send these details as a PM to me, Runkpapper here on the forum. And we will give you the feats you rightfully deserve.

    Beware, there are no refunds.

    Arania Team

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    Donating... Empty Re: Donating...

    Post  _Angie_ Sat Jan 01, 2011 4:49 pm

    Pleas do understand that whitelist and donations don't give you amnesty for ban.
    If you behave bad and destroy for other players we won't oversee this
    just cuz you gave the server a gift. Bad is still bad and will be
    punished. Getting this VIP puts you as a player in the position of
    leading by example. Your are something others should recognise as good
    and stable cheers Not someone that now thinks he can break the rules.
    Someone other playes should be afraid of and stay away from Evil or Very Mad

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    Donating... Empty Re: Donating...

    Post  Cheesewizard Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:30 pm

    im going to donate $9 more when i manage to put some money on my card Smile

    just so you k now im not a scum bag ripping you off etc Very Happy

    nice server by the way

    also can i request my colour change to blue?


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    Donating... Empty Re: Donating...

    Post  Cheesewizard Fri Jan 14, 2011 6:59 pm

    hi, i donated more money like i said, but this still hasnt been updated ^^

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    Donating... Empty Re: Donating...

    Post  Angelo85 Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:44 am

    Cheesewizard I'm sorry to say but it is already too late for you. The Internet shall forever know you as cheap bastard! Razz
    Historians of centuries to come will refer to you as "the penurious one".

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