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    Recruiting Admins ( Mods )


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    Recruiting Admins ( Mods ) Empty Recruiting Admins ( Mods )

    Post  Runkpapper Sun Dec 26, 2010 7:30 pm

    Do Note that we are currently recruiting Admins ( Mods ) too our server.
    We are in need for Admins located in EST Timezone, GMT+8 and further. That is, players who live in USA, Asia or what not outside europe. You cannot request to become an Admin. We will choose you. So for your best shot at becoming an admin is, join the server.. Enjoy, help others and be active in our community. And advertise about the server, this is greatly appriciated. When we see that your worthy we will ask you to join us

    Best of luck everyone and Enjoy your stay at Arania.

    Arania Team

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