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    Darrowdelf  Empty Darrowdelf

    Post  Cathonic Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:20 pm

    Why hello there, perhaps you're wondering what kind of a crackpot name Darrowdelf is?

    Or maybe not, either way something caught your interest and so here you are reading about the town of Darrowdelf.

    Darrowdelf is the oldest active town and indeed the newest official town. That is to say, it was being built before Citadel stood proud and indeed is still being built long after the Citadel crumbled in to ruin. However, Darrowdelf only recently became an official town, though prior to this it existed in the same capacity.

    Anyway enough history, what's so special about Darrowdelf?

    Well that's a good question. Firstly it should be known that Darrowdelf is an underground city inspired by Dwarven stories and indeed its namesake.

    This means that everything is huge, the corridors stretch off up into the darkness above, dimly lit by torches and fire alike. A central corridor runs along the axis of the city from which wings or sub corridors diverge taking the curious to places such as The Throne Room, The Foundry, The Royal Arcade and other places.

    Alternatively one might just head straight down the main corridor in which case you would come to the main square, the largest project undertaken to date. This will be the location of the main residences, the first born of the city, who shall look down upon the square from their houses of stone, built into the rock. To give an idea of the scale, this main square is a 66x66x~20 cuboid adjoined to a 26x26x~20 cuboid.

    From this main square three more wings will be. One shall continue the great corridor, allowing the city to expand even further. Another will house the Royal Theatre, a massive undertaking of the cultural arts (to those in the know, think Karazhan's Opera house, without the ghosts) and the third will house the people's link to the outside cities. This is of course the train station. Darrowdelf is a rich city and can afford its own "underground" railway system with several local lines and of course international lines are planned with allied cities.

    ...and what of the future?
    Darrowdelf's future is indeed bright. Talks are underway which if succesful would mean the formation of Ariana's first nation and ensure protection and prosperity for all of Darrowdelf's present and future citizens.

    On a more local level there is always something being constructed and as a citizen of Darrowdelf you would be encouraged to join in or start your own project.

    Why does the town have so few members?

    Currently the town has four members. This is because it only became an official town yesterday (and thus only began seeking members yesterday). Furthermore citizenship is only granted to people I feel will be good members of Darrowdelf's community. Perhaps the town will grow more slowly but at least you will not be griefed (every other town apart from Downtown has been griefed to some extent by its own citizens).

    I cant be creative, we're underground :S

    Indeed there are limitations to being underground, the main one being space. However, at the same time it has benefits. There is no height limit, or at least not one which is reasonably reached (Darrowdelf is about 3 squares above bedrock). This mean epic architecture is entirely possible and required! If you have an idea for a new wing, for example one leading to a mighty gladitorial arena, then by all means approach me and the chances are you'll be allowed to build it.

    Ok, so how do I become a citizen?

    Currently there is something of a "special offer" on citizenship. We are hurrying to complete the main square, previously mentioned. Once finished it will have space for 11 10x10xn (n being the vertical axis) houses. So far only 5 of these are reserved. If you wish to join Darrowdelf at this point in time, message me sometime and come along with a good attitude to do a lot of digging (you may keep all you mine). Citizenship will be given at that point though it will be considered "unconfirmed". If you pull your weight in the digging and dont cause trouble it will be confirmed upon completion of the square and you will be rewarded with one of the houses.

    Once these eleven houses have been given ownership further accomodation will be built though in a less prestigous area.

    So there you have it, a large amount of text on Darrowdelf. Hopefully it conveyed enough information to deepen the previously stated interest in Darrowdelf.

    Cathonic, Mayor of Darrowdelf

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