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    PVP System


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    PVP System Empty PVP System

    Post  Runkpapper Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:28 am

    Hellu everyone.

    I intend to turn PVP on in a while, this will be ON 24/7 from the time.
    But we will have a tracking system of who's getting killed by what or who.
    And if someone kills anyone without provocation, this will be listed and this will be a BAN reason as the rules state.

    The tracking works like this:

    As a player get killed by another player, in the chat it will be listed as ( "example" got killed by "example" wielding a wooden sword )
    This will prove the kill of another player, and the player who got killed may state that the kill was fair or unfair. If unfair a moderator will take action towards the player who have broken towards the rules.

    Please note, it is allowed to kill players. But for the right reasons. You do not just run around slashin' random players down. If you have a grudge towards another player you may take it out in a fight. You may be more stealthy like and ambush / assasinate the player. And here comes a job in, you may be hired to assassinate a target. But the person who hires and the hired person HAVE TO talk to a moderator first to get confirmation about the kill.

    For rules of war, you are directed to the War rules post.
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Why I am turning the PVP on, is because I have a feeling that we will get some nations growing on our server. And with nations, comes war. And for a war to start, PVP need to be on. And if it would be off, it means I have to restart the server back and fourth to fix the PVP and so players can have war.
    Another reason is to spice up the RPG Realm in our server aswell.
    With PVP on players will be more carefull, and towns be more protective etc.

    More information, and when we will activate this will come in this post. So be active!

    Arania Team

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