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    The Moderators Of Arania


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    The Moderators Of Arania Empty The Moderators Of Arania

    Post  Eztoyloco Sat Dec 18, 2010 6:42 am

    Hello Fellow Adventurers Of Arania

    As we want you to feel safe while you are out there in the wild, hunting for food and building houses, dwellings, landscapes or just mining for material.
    You will sometime in your work just stop and start asking yourself questions about some stuff that may bug you, your gameplay or others.

    Thats when we step in... The Moderators Of Arania.

    Here comes a full list of the in-game/forum moderators, so that you know wich moderators you can talk to if you get any problem in-game or on the forums!

    Founder of Arania:


    If you should see someone that claims to be a moderator, report this immediately to the moderators! Private messages or in-game so it will be as convinient as possible for you and so that no one can frame you for telling.

    You can ask us whatever you want that you feel is important.
    Or if you only want to report a bug, a player who cheats, a player who abuses the game, a player who griefs or a player that is really annoying.

    We wish you all luck and good hunting!

    Arania Team

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